Magnes: Puppets or Continents?

Magnes: There was a time when people conceived me as a sort of key. A key to experiences of infinity, of the universe, of the sublime.

Paracelsus was supporting this idea of myself, also Jean Paul, Edgar Allan Poe. Jean Paul and Edgar Allan Poe contributed to this figuration of myself in a time, when I started to feel mis- or rather disassembled, disarranged. I started to experience myself as splitted into pieces. These pieces startled me. They gained their own life. Mouth, ear, eye performed on their own. They moved without my guide, like puppets that were deliberated from their player. The act of splitting startled me as well. Who was splitting me? The puppet player, who arranged my life?

Puppets performing on their own?

Or continents drifting away from me (leaving me on a sandy island sinking slowly into an abyss, a personal Marianas trench).

Duchampimage: I guess the line and its traditional geometry is the player, which organizes our movements.

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