Realometer reads Kafka. In his diary Kafka writes about two hands. One hands writes down, what he sees under ruins; the other hand defends himself against the fate. So the self is spanned between two hands, which serve as borders or interfaces. One creates a border against the world, the other writes down what the self is seeing.

So Realometer is reassured, that there is a world outside and there is a text which has to do something with the world, but it is not the same as the world. Writing, and texts seems intimately connected with ruins. Maybe ruins offer more interfaces to words than compact buildings or complete worlds (Nico’ s ruinous voice singing New York, New York; Gerhardt editing the journal “Fragmente” under ruinous conditions (without a flat, without income, a family to feed)).

And the climate shift? How real is the climate shift? Everyone and everything is a factor that has an impact on the climate. Very theological thinks Realo, who starts measuring texts on climate shift with a text by Schelling from Jena … and Baben is talking about Obamas finger, which is directing from upwards down to the finger which is pointed towards him in an educational manner.

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