Nils Röller: I

I: an English letter which stands for myself,

I: solid, a solitaire, a one letter word.

EGO: a Latin triple, two vowels appearing like elephants ears and the G: somehow open and not open.

ICH: again a triple, a German: a solid statue seems to offer itself as a construction supporting the C: the openness towards what is coming next. The H serves as a rocket, catapulting the C into other dimensions.

I: solid like a skyscraper, tender and rank like Pounds New York,

I: one tower of the World Trade Center, no longer proud and solid, but vulnerable and suffering from recycling its dignity.

I: fragile not since September 11, but since Turings paper of 1936/37, challenging Descartes`Ego, by programming:

I = blank or – , i.e. possibly nothing.

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