Translating Subversion

Jabès creates a field of tension between the words “page”, “word”, “white”, “writing”, “sand”. What would be an aquivalent for these words in the domain of computing? May we translate

“page” with task?

„word“ with number?

„white“ with equal?

„writing“ with counting?

„sand“ with nature?

Every number is something special. Each integer has its own character. So numbers can be thought as persons. So the computer, which is called a number-cruncher can be thought as a person-cruncher. The cruncher processes data, for example news. Every news can be represented as a number, which can be crunched. So the world of news can be crunched, so the world can be crunched.

The computer seems to be powerful, powerful like the book or powerful like god. Is the computer powerful like a word? A word like the word god” is powerful. It is an expression of god. Without words god would not exist.

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