Sampurna Chattarji: Agreement/Disagreement

The agreement of shapes like a parliament of clowns.
Cats’ whiskers, tumbrils, tendrils.
Plants are agreeable, they point towards the sun,
sunning themselves like cats.

In the back room, the weak spot spreads like a rumour.
The floor is made of earth, didn’t you know?
If you wait, and ask nicely, I can show you the way to dig
yourself out, or in, depending on climate and skin condition.

The red-eye flight of the calibrarian.
Postulate, pustule, preposterous.
Brimming with the unequal power of water,
the lake refuses to lie.

Stones disagree. They grow heavy, cold, relapse
into stony silences. They brood insects.
Hating the hand with a vengeance they shut out the sun,
seal the mouths of caves, arrive at the shape of the burial mound.

Sampurna Chattarji

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