The history of Chinese painting and the history of Chinese research on magnetism converge in the word dao. I doubt thatĀ the dao isĀ useful for contemporary artistic practice.

Contemporary artistic practice faces and handles abstract technology like digital cameras, interfaces like keyboards, cameras or scanning devices. This development creates a gap between the spontaneous experience with color, paper, linenor silk and the mediated experience with technical devices. We have to face this gap. This we can do by concentrating on our instruments or tools.

By the way, do we have tools of thought or experience to face the tragedy caused by the flooding in Pakistan, the striking injustice which clima shift strengthens?

Hollywood productions like INCEPTION develop an understanding of different time experiences. A time line is not a time line is not a time line but a different one. The difference depends on the level of consciousness or the technology or sedatives you use. But this is just a sedating thought in face of the global trend of tragedies caused by us.

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