Nils Röller: The head as a vessel

Very Hungry God calls the idea of the human head as a vessel and reservoir in question, since the buckets are completely empty.

Subodh Gupta: The Stainless Steel Bucket, 2008,
courtesy Subodh Gupta

The materials of Gupta’s sculptures, utensils in everyday use in India, are also traditional attributes of the gods. As such, they are useful for spiritual orientation. His sculptures point to the ambivalent status of instruments that structure the relationship between Man and his inner world as well as his outer world. This inner world is considered by traditional Indian culture as a transit station. The artistic thematization of instruments and everyday materials as in Gupta’s work is sculptural and therefore visual-spatial, yet it can also be time-based and appeal primarily to the ear instead of the eye.

Excerpt of Pointers – Contribution to beam me up

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