Bloom, Reb Fluss – Realometer, Duchamp, Jabès

Bloom offers one slight  allusion to hope: A form of hope which gains its impact on the basis of a nihilistic  résumé. One has to think (according to the protagonists of Bloomism)  that subjects were never able to join a community. Subjects always had the illusion to participate in an community, but never participated in.  Now – with the advent of Bloom – the ruins of this illusion became evident. Given this, constructions of comunties may evolve.

Realometer is sceptical about this. Constructions are only conceivable within the framework of texts.

Jabès is in favour of this, because since the book of god did evolve, subjects are reinforced to invent themselves via fragments. He remembers Reb Fluss. Once asked to write about cities, Reb Fluss proposed to conceive cities as “Wellentäler” (wave troughs) and subjects as instable, momentary concentrations of waves (electromagnetic).

Duchamp puts into question. Wave is a metaphor, it is a mask for non retinal actions.

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