Nils Röller: Measuring means without ends: Cage, Steinweg, Duras

We can turn it. A frame is a form of closure, but also a form of opening. It allows concentration. We may argue that reality is a Grenzidee (an idea of limit (limes)). We may approach reality only by setting up limits, in between which we may perceive.

Instruments for measurement set limits.

A measurement measures measuring means,  John Cage thinks (Quote found in: Youngblood, Gene: Expanded Cinema, New York: Dutton, 1970,  p. 136).

But what are measuring means? Mankind is conceivable as a means of measuring. It measures the universe as well as mankind itself.  In order to function appropriately mankind has to become a measuring means for its own ends.  These ends can be achieved by emptying human subjects. How this emptying happens in an aethetic process Marguerite Duras works show (see: Marcus Steinweg and Rosemarie Trockel: Duras. Berlin: Merve, 2008).

* J. adds: Metaphysics are a battlefield. A battefield which Kant conceives as female. He calls metaphysics a battlefield in one phrase. In the following phrase he compares metaphysics with a matron that is left alone.

** Is a hole a form that opens, or a form that closes? It excludes from integrity, or it opens towards an integrity which is open to the other. But a hole cannot be thought as a totally open. Without the framework the hole could not exist.

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