Nils Röller: Knifes, frames, and continents

Today we live in the time of the world picture (according to Heidegger). We live in a time in which the world is reduced to a picture. This is a reduction because a picture has a frame. Time of the world picture is time of framing. Framing is making a border between something in and something out of the frame. Framing is a form of cutting, in which the function of the knife is not discussed.

Framing relates to problems of measurement. For example in the case of continents. It is problematic to measure their coast lines. They change with every wave that reaches the coast. They change also according to the measurement tools.

Cf.: Mark Tansey

* J. asks how we may measure reason. Is our measurement already biased by questions of gender? In German reason is femine, in French, too.

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