Nils Röller: Realometer as a Turing Machine

Realometer gathers informations about the Turing Machine (TM).  Parts of himself function like a Turing Machine: He reads a sign in a certain state of mind; he accepts the sign or deletes the sign; he changes his state of mind or not; then he moves forward to the next sign or not (next click in yahooland).

D. doubts that. There are no discrete signs for a 20th century artist.  Signs are only vehicles (patrol cars) of the common sense. Of course discrete signs are part of the art game, but they do not match to the demands of an art which is interested in challenging borders of perception (where does a spot of color starts to be more or less than a point, becomes part of a tree (see one post before), of a hand (see other posts before)  or of something never seen or heard before (see other posts)?)

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