Descartes` and Karmakars` challenging tongues V

There is a logic, or at least an analogic, an analogy between Descartes `tongue and Karmakars.

Descartes invites his reader to use reason in an unheard, untraditional and so far disturbing way. Descartes uses his reason to confirm his own existence and to deduce from this the existence of god and the world. Before Descartes the chain of reasoning was used in the opposite direction:

Out of gods existence the existence of man and reason was deduced. Descartes subverts this. He invites to try another direction, a direction disturbing and uncomfortable for believers.

This is analogic to Karmakar. He invites to use the tongue in a disturbing, uncomfortable way. A way which children like, a way which leads to selfaffection, a selfaffection which can become a stable form for regarding also the world with affection and not with disgust.

Nils Röller New Delhi/Sanskriti Kendra

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