Abir Karmakars Lightening

Abir Karmakars painting create a disturbing uncanny effect. They are producing an uncomfortable dizziness, a state of inbetweenness, a state between curiosity and disgust, between a disire to watch, a lust to gaze on one hand and on the other hand they create a wish to distance oneself from this desire, this curious lust and this tempting pictures who are able to awake this sort of unstability in oneself.

The twilight of Abirs colors is thundering and negatively lightening. Negativ in the sense of the negative of a print or of a photography . The paintings are lightening negativly, displaying those shadows, which enable our reasoning to shine brightly.

Abirs blackbrown, fleshy, licking colours stand for a general statement. They stand for artists challenging the empire of the logocentric light in general. But do we have any right to use the word “logic” here?

Nils Röller New Delhi/Sanskriti Kendra

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