All blogs: more or less the same?

Seen from a broader perspective blogging unifies. Now millions of persons use the same format. So the expressions of millions of persons are subjected by a digital format, so millions of expressions are homogenized.

From a closer perspective this argument does not hold.

Different contents and styles of expressions are communicated by blogs. So a digital format enables the creation of multitudes.

But even on this scale the argument holds that a new digital format homogenized styles of expressions. It supports and forms the need to publish. It creats a permanent stream of publications and therefore a permanent engagement of different subjects within the same activity: blogging. So blogging is a kind of gouvernemental practice.

We cannot change this, but we can change ourselves. This can be done by corresponding with others. The second step would be adopting another perspective on ourselves. This means to readjust ourselves and to find out how we are build. This is a permanent endeavour. It creates a tension between the formats that we use and individual care of ourselves.

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