25 liters: Arvanda always aquiassent

Arvanda is one of the many names for Anna Livia Plurabelle. Anna Livia is one character and Anna Livia is more than one character. She is Arvanda, Eve, Isis, Iseult. She is the great mother, and the great caring character in Joyce Finnegans Wake. She takes care of the water. She is a symbol for multiple chances of using one liter of water and saving more water.

She would please Peter Brabeck.* Maybe Arvanda – Anna Livia Plurabelle becomes a goddess of water saving.

But do we want this?

It is a protestantic strategy, to expect that water saving is only done by private persons and individuals. Agricultural industries and many other industries still spoil more water than all human beings can save in the world.

So we need a political aesthetic that shifts the attention from the private to the cooperate bodies. Do we have a poetology for this?

* See: Interview with Peter Brabeck – CEO Nestlé: “Es gibt kein Menschenrecht auf einen Swimmingpool” – Das Magazin 17 – 2007

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