P.P. by Y.L.S. at A.B.G.


Weapons are instruments that carry messages much in the same ways that thoughts, images or pens do. Women used to kill with their tongues and poison pens and their particular arsenal of weapons. Yet there seem to have been always the need for little tools that can inflict instant physical harm. Such devices are of course only defensive. Hair pins and miniature weapons come to mind. A beautiful and metaphorically functional matching tea set and pistol from the finest east German porcelain can be found on display at the home of New York’s 69th Regiment, the Armory on Lexington Avenue – known also for the legendary 1913 Armory Show. Spectators were overheard speculating on the type of bullets these delicates may contain. They appear to be vessels for all kinds of poisons or drugs that would go well with tea. Chinese gunpowder tea perhaps? Maybe they serve best by reminding of the potential dangers of just “having a cup of tea” with someone.

“P.P. R28” © 2006 Yvonne Lee Schultz

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