Glass Bra – Beauty Beyond the Surface of Skin [Gläserner BH]

Tomomi Maehata is a native of Fukuoka, southwestern Japan. Now she lives in Tokyo. In a recent exhibition at the Tokyo National University for Fine Arts and Music she exhibited a peculiar garment object. A bra made from glass. That bra can be worn. It protects while it extends the breast. It is actually composed of a cell-like structure of glass beads that she formed and fused together. The bra exposes the inside of the breast as one might imagine it – beyond the skin layers. The the inside could be worn to protect the outside. While this hyper-naked rendition of a breast may seem surgical, we see a strange glowing beauty that men want to touch and women like to stare at. She has managed to translate her love and fascination for the inside of her own body across gender barriers and preconceptions.

For herself, there is even more to it. But that is a private matter. “I am not telling you.” she snaps back.


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