Headfarm: China Ware

The other day we visited an exhibition, where we saw small groups of sculptures by Loredana Sperini. They were made out of fragments from destroyed porcelan figures, found and sold in Berlin. Loredana’s sculptures question the idea of representation. They invite to reflect forces which are inside fabricated forms. Forming, making sculptures with this found (footage) objects of every day life (containers/storages of pattern and behaviour) leads the artists into an action or a passion of modulation. It is an action because the artist does something, it is a passion, because the artists experiences, perceives, weights and balances between what he/she perceives and what he/she is triggered to do with the fragments. Somehow this leads me to an analogy. The body as well as the earth are modulating forces which enter and leave the body, the earth. Plato and the atomists before him conceived the magnet as such a body. (Magnes)

© the artist
Loredana Sperini
Ohne Titel
Farbe, Leim, Porzellan
18 x 13 x 7.5 cm

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