Sampurna Chattarji: Reading poems about math: III

“Curiosa and curiosa!” shouted Alice as she entered the logia.

Her hand was enormous, the door was tiny,

there were two glass keys frozen on her cheeks like tears,

two blue unfallen splinters of ice.

“If I wave my arms around me, I will enter the bubble!”

The battle continues, the scientist vanishes, the dilemma

Declaims, “I see the eigenvalue in thine eye”

Haversacks heave sines, mantissas wear mantillas,

“Lemme outa here!” shouts the phi trapped in the phial.

“Hush,” says the matriarchal matrix, “time for bed.”

And the girl sleeps, dreaming, “Erogenous, erogenous.”

Sampurna Chattarji

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