Vessel Farm

Jab.: Being in tune equals being part of a wave, of surfing within a greater movement. A surf board is already a vessel. A text is vessel, when you read or write; an image is a vessel, when you make or look at it (an exhibition is a harbor of different vessels). It all starts with leaving.

Realometer: Starting or beginning? Start sounds decisive; beginning carries notions of flux, of feedback, of several components that activate or detain themselves viceversa.

Jab: Henry the Navigator asked others to start journeys of discovering. Others had to leave the stable land of their dwelling. Henry acted within a special temporal space. Navigation was necessary in order to maintain future stability of his country. So he acted with a vision of temporal change. The will to change is principal. This will is based on a relation to time and space. I wonder about analogies to our live and dwelling, today: We are based in a head farm. We buy, set and grow seeds. This includes already time management. But we remain withhin rather stable space and time limits. By the way Henry’ s discoverer were searching for the christian kingdom of St. John the priest. St. John’ s kingdom and its military forces should become allies in the christian battles against the saracenes.

(Henry the Navigator? Image of a person supposed to be Henry the Navigator, from the Polytriptych of St. Vincent in the National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon found at:

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