Head Farm?

Jab.:We should change the name of our quarter. What about Head Vessel ? Every start begins with a sensation of uncomfortness, with the will to change, to leave stability.

Mag.: No, changes start because of a  good feeling, of being in tune.

Here a service on Heads in the Nuclear Industry:

Head I

(Concept of a Future High Pressure – Boiling Water Reactor, HP-BWR
Frigyes Reisch: Nuclear Power Safety, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden)

Reactor vessel head and reactor internals
Reactor vessel head and reactor internals

Head II

(U.S. Cedes Capability for Largest Nuclear Forgings As the world prepares for a new age of nuclear power, demand rises for ultra-heavy forgings to build the reactors. Here’s a closer look at the reasons that the U.S. can’t deliver the supply. By Peter Alpern)

Fabricating a nuclear reactor vessel head. Seven of the components of such structures are forgings that weigh over 500 tons. Nuclear-plant builder Areva is installing this fabricating capability in the U.S., comparable to what it now performs at a French plant.

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