“Above all the fights … nobody ever had the smallest chance to fight with Marcel” (Arman).
Jabès: Substitute Marcel with the word “zero”.
Realometer: I have expected you to say: Substitute Marcel with “god”.
Magnes: This would have contradicted the subtlety of both.
D: Of both?
Jabès: Thank you for the question, but I have to reject it, too much honor for me.
Magnes: Zero  contains male and female, plus and minus in infinitesimal combinations.
Realometer: And a head? Indiana’ s head is a product of all the heads that had been seen in the movies. Indiana’s had is marked by the Eliot effect, which is an effect produced by history, and therefore by linear writing. The head in the Indiana cartoon is a combination of heads which have been sketched in other cartoons. Indiana’s head is the ultimate head of a certain time. Different times have different forms of ultimate heads.
Jabès: Different places have different heads, zeros and knifes. Butcher knifes, pen knifes (Schreibmesser),

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