Head Farm

D: A certain time I spent on Head Farm, not a time of harvest. We read poetry. R.M.Gerhardt’s poems led us to the notion of ruins. European art and poetry he regards as conditioned by ruins; american by the will of becoming. Today this distinctions are not specific. Contemporary artistic production is dominated by a trend towards globally selling art works; this collides with other trends, driven by epistemological and technological shifts.¬† Head Farm has strengthend the question how cerebral we are. Sometimes I dare to say, that there are different streams of intensity at work in my head. But when I try to clear this I can only say and think that there is one stream, which I sense.
Realometer: Writing the soul interacts with itself.
J.: And painting or drawing?
Realometer: Painting the soul  immerses in the distance or in the proximity of a detail. The soul by the way is an effect of writing; the head a part of a body.

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