Sampurna Chattarji: Space Gulliver VI

Thank you, she said, for the trance, elation.
For the click click click of words falling into place.
For the clack clack clack of the knitting loom.

Breath is a silver fog. Birds build palaces.
Cross the lake. Join the jungle.

I see it!
Is that not what you said?
Let me try again. There was a city I left behind.
It drowned in rain.

Insect girls lived in jars, buildings walked on stilts.
The name had a bomb in it, had a mum in it.
Had a bay in it, had a bye in it…

Does that ring a bell? No?
Fragments of a word.
Brob. Ding. Nag.
I beg your pardon? How many languages do I speak?
Two, she said, pointing to her eyes
and her heart. Just two. And you?

Sampurna Chattarji

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