Speak us of the soul*, M.

M. cannot speak, therefore he cannot speak of the soul. The problem is that M. is conceivable as the soul of everything, also of something which speaks. So something of M. can speak, but M. as whole can’ t. This is not a contradiction because: Probably for M. speaking is not a faculty of relevance.

* Portius wanted to speak about meteorology. But his audience in Pisa asked him to speak about the soul: „Sprich uns von der Seele!”. (ECW II, p. 83 follows: Léopold Mabilleau: Étude historique sur la philosophie de la renaissance en Italie (Cesare Cremonini). Paris 18851, S. 275, Anm. 1[hier: „Parlez-nous de l’âme!”.

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