Revolt – Aufstand II

What is a revolt of a shadow? The revolt of all, which is not in the light, all which is on the dark side of our life, culture and so called development (the victims of our wealth – the climate shift)?

Revolt is a manifestation of a revolution, a movement of return.

The revolt of a shadow is special in this sense.
Shadows, which are thrown by the sun, can never perform a complete revolution.
Their circles are always incomplete.

The revolt of a shadow therefore is a revolt of the uncomplete, the unfinished.
Unfinished like humanity, which is still not able to distribute light and shadows equally.

By the way: The german edition translates revolt with “Aufstand” **

“Der Aufstand eines Schattens beschleunigt die Herabkunft des Lichts – so wie die gegen sich selbst gerichtete Unlesbarkeit uns vorbereitet auf die vollkommene Lesbarkeit.” (Edmon Jabès)**

*Edmond Jabès: The little book of unsuspected subversion [Translated by Rosmarie Waldrop]. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1996, p. 12

**Edmond Jabès: Das kleine unverdächtige Buch der Subversion. [Paris 1982] München: Hanser, 1985, S. 16

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