Intuition: On Descartes` and Karmakars` challenging tongues

Descartes approach is in certain sense intuitive. When Descartes writes: “I am thinking, therefore I am being” he invites the reader to think this through, to get an intuition of the truth of this sentence.

Intuition in Descartes`sense demands that the reader starts to perform the same reasoning that Descartes proposes. Descartes was convincend that there are universal truths, which everybody can intuit. Descartes was convinced that there is a light of reason, which can start to shine in everybody. Therefore everybody can agree by intuition to the conclusions Descartes draws?

To which intuition are we invited by Karmakars images? To which intuition are we invited by Karmakar who writes the following title: I am loving, therefore I am being?

Nils Röller New Delhi/Sanskriti Kendra

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