Sounding Time

“not to fathom time but literally to sound” (Zukofsky)

Time, may I sound, fathom time, sound it, her or him?

Is there any itting himming or herring of time?


A herstrument, a himstrument and itstrument.

An itstrument, a true mentherhimment.

A means for becoming something,

For becoming it.

It: something freed from any me elements,

Freed towards becoming a mere non-me thing, an it.

A mediament,

Compassing the medium between her, him, me and non-me.

A commediament

A compassional medium,

An itstrument.

Becoming it by the time,

The itstrument, the herstrument, the himstrument,

Him-, her-, it-true-mentalizes me

Making something out of me

By itting, herring, himming me with time,

The in strument of time, the truement of inning by time,

Inning in order to out me of elements of me.

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