Monarch of all secrets

Nicolaus Cabeus (1585-1650), Philosophia magnetica (Coloniae, 1629),  Alte Drucke und Rara, TZ 117: 1, frontispice.
M.: Paracelsus named the magnetic stone: Monarch of all secrets.
D.: I like that.
R.: I prefer Gilbert who points the direction to the instruments. For him a “little iron” is the main thing.
M.: The main thing?
J.: Gilbert points the direction to the things in the middle: The iron bar, which has been magnetized, which serves as “finger of God”; God, the things in the middle, and we, we form a triad.
H.: Fukushima is out of control.
R.: I would like to write a book with you, an atomic book, an atomic garden, which is a garden of instruments which make us think, feel, and wonder.
J.: Do you want to rewrite Moby Dick?
R.: Not directly, but I would like to develop tools which enable us to empower us against the threats of catastrophes, which could have been avoided.
H.: Fukushima is out of control.

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