Cruel boy, is aught beyond thy powers? Was grausamer Junge ist deiner Macht nicht verstattet?

Thou dost master the mighty thunderbolt; thou canst force the Thunderer to leave the sky and bellow amid the waves. Now thou showest that thou canst smite cold rocks and shapes not instinct with feeling or life, that stone can be wounded be thine arrows. Rocks are stirred by a passion of their own; iron is obedient to thy blandishments; thy flames exercise dominion over hardest marl.

Du übertriffst den mächtigen Blitz, zwingst den Donner den Himmel  zu verlassen und hinein mitten in die Flüsse. Dann verleihst Glieder du eisigem Gestein mit lebendigen sorgenden Sinn, dann deinen Pfeilen sich zu ergeben die Felsen; und die Steine treibt die  Glut; Eisen wird gereizt, es herrschen unbeugsam im Marmor Flammen.

Quae tibi, saeve puer, non est permissa potestas?
tu magnum superas flumen caelogque relicto
fluctibus in mediis cogis mugire Tonantem.
iam gelidas rupes vivoque carentia sensu
membra feris, iam saxa tuis obnoxia telis,
et lapides suus ardour agit, ferrumque tenetur
inlecebris; rigido regnant in marmore flammae.

Jabès refuses to read this combination of words. They make no sense, because the words are joined together without respect for rhythm and grammar. And therefore they do respect the original text. The text does not make sense in its current german state.

D. does not like quarrel, and springs into the gap which the aggressive tension concerning the translation between Jabès and Handy broadens and broadens. D. gives a list of words indicating differences between male and female

Virginis = girls = Jungfrauen
Venerem = Venus = Venus
Cytherera = Venus = Cythera

Mavors = Mars = Mars
Martis = Mars = Mars
Mavortia = Mars = Mars.

He adds a bonus list with words meaning the connection between female and male entities:

Conubium = union = Vermählung
Choros = choir = Tanz
Maritum = husband = Gatte
Coniuge = bride = Braut
Pronuba = marriage = Hüterin der Ehe.
Maritat = are mated = verheiratet.
Sponte rapit = attracts = plötzlich reisst
Nectit = clasp = knüpft/fügt/schlingt zusammen
Vivis complexibus = lifelike embrace = lebendige, lebhafte, Verbindung, Ausdrucksweise, zusammenfassende Darstellung, Inbegriff, Schlusssatz, Dilemma.
Concordia = harmony = Eintracht, Einverständnis, Gleichherzigkeit.

D: Reading this I wonder, why you are showing images that represent movements of particles. I did not anything in Claudians poem which I can decipher as particles.
Handy: I refuse to answer.
R: Because we have other texts and images in our mind.
D.: Are you able to empty your mind?
J: I need more light.
D.: Here you have it, but it is just an image. And you are at Headfarm  to be the one who does not like image.
J: Non retinal images. This I share with you.
D.: Every image that shows an instrument is a non retinal one. Have a look at this collection of images. They all concern Magnes.

Crepida, antike Sandale mit genagelter Sohle, hier in Form einer Lampe.  Le Dictionnaire des Antiquités Grecques et Romaines de Daremberg et Saglio (1877-1919)

Cybele (Rhea 1) with the lion at her feet, Attis holding a shepherd’s staff, and worshippers. RI.1-0725: Cybele, Attis, and worshippers. Votive relief in Venice. Roscher, Lex. 1884. Source: Attis Document belonging to the Greek Mythology Link, a web site created by Carlos Parada, author of Genealogical Guide to Greek Mythology Characters • PlacesTopicsImagesBibliographyEspañolPDF Editions AboutCopyright © 1997 Carlos Parada and Maicar Förlag.

Christ Treading on the Lion and Asp, mosaic from the Archepiscopal Palace in Ravenna, late fifth century (495).  Source

D: Christ the shepherd is here represented as a warrior. The little boy has become powerful.

Realometer: The staff – which we missed in Claudians Magnes – is attribute which is essential for the representation of the cross.

Mages: By the way the staff with an iron end was essential for the conception of myself for Pliny who followed Nicander. Nicander’s text on myself is lost. Therefore I will quote Pliny.

D.: Before you quote I like to add that the christian cross integrates also Aesculapian’ s staff. You will find abundant images of this staff in the web.

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